Monday, May 21, 2007

this doesnt look good...

well,i guess viv was right about the 19th,because i heard that "Wheely" Engberg has gone missing,alot of bahro in the city and,some kind of seismic event in the city,so....could this be the "destruction"that Yeesha spoke of?and if it is,then what is that "way"that she spoke of?i dont know,but like heek i will be missing it!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

no way to get in the Cavern

i tried to link back to my Relto,but it isnt working for some reason,i just get this black panel....guess ill have to come back Saturday then


Monday, May 14, 2007

i got a bad feeling....

i know that "visions"and "bad feelings" are usually seen as really weird Randomness(for a lack of good words),but i just feel something weird is about to happen....and the weird thing is,that sometimes,that feeling is true...i wonder what will happen on the 19th,and i wonder if viv is right about that day......ill better go get a bodyguard,just to be sure (links to America and "borrows" a bodyguard)

anyway,ill be having school this week,soo i might not post alot :( so i hope i will be able to catch up soon!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

good and concerning news

the good news is that my buddy viv came back yesterday!!we had some fun (although i came late into the cavern...stupid Surface-stuff),but this is the concerning part....

in the middle of our "daily"tour in A Beginners Bevin,he said "M.Dogherra,do you have a bodyguard?because no-one is safe on the 19th..."i wonder what that means?and does that mean im not save on Relto either?whatever might happen,ill just go to the Cavern that day and see it myself....


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

a new age and perhaps even more!

Well,First of all......on the 19th there will be a new Age!it will be Minkata(which is D'ni for "scarred land").I heared its a big Age with lots of stuff to do,but thats about all i heared,so sorry if i dissapoint you :( .
Second of all,there have been reports of Bahro linking in and out of the City,and everytime it happens,Bahrostones dissapear.They must be thinking:"my precious stone,those little explorers wont touch you anymore"or something like that....

Anyway,Third of all,The ResEng's from A Beginner's Bevin will have a quiet week(till Saturday)because my buddy Vivicus is out of town for a while.

Fourth of all,my other buddy Laura will be entering the Cavern again really soon!She had alot of stuff to do on the Surface,so we couldnt keep KI-contact :(

And Last of all,my bevin Book seems to be broken by "Yeesha Magic"....i tried to enter The Nederlandse Buurt (the Dutch Bevin)to be with my Dutch buddies,and My KI says im still a member of Gameboomer's....maybe it will work later again,so ill let it rest now

Well,ill be off,i need to find a way to amuse myself without two of my best buddies,so that's why im glad to have my friend's in Uru Live
Maybe ill see you soon,down in the Cavern!


Friday, May 4, 2007

new stuff has happened

well,some stuff happened since my last post,and frankly,its all centered around the DRC.....Sharper found out that there is a pretador in Negilahn,Nick White got fired(poor boy)and Ex-Liasion GreyDragon will make a statement tonight.....lets just hope that we will get some good news now :(

Monday, April 30, 2007

the end of one journey is the start of another

whew,its been a while since i posted,but thats because ALOT of stuff has happened in the Cavern.

First of all:the GZ seems to get closer to callibration....we know it since a blue bar appeared on the callibrationscreen.some think its the number of markers the GZ has recieved,others think its the number of registered KI's,but i think its just how far the GZ is.

Second:The Great Shaft appeared.not in the same way as it was the first time,but this time,it was in a Bahro Stone.My friend Viv discovered that we could go to the Shaft when he was about to of his buddies was there and he told me right away.We must have thought the same thing because we both went to the Hoodcity and looked around Tokotah Alley.i wasnt looking good,but luckly Viv was and he discovered it in some rubble.Viv wanted to link there,but i think i said something like:"ill share it ok?so we can go to the same one".
Viv took the stone and linked there....but the bad news was that i ended up in the Hood one :( Viv came to the Hood one and Walked along the railing,with me following him.Unfortunatly my very old Fear of Heights came back,but viv said:"dont be scared,im here"and he's right..........with Viv around,i somehow....just cant be scared.we jumped down,with the wind rusing through our hair.we didnt get a reward,but we sure got an adrenaline kick i think.

And the last thing:The DRC has some things in store for us.Minkata and Er'cana (or Annonay)will come soon as i heard that,i jumped a hole through the air.although Nick White isnt going to be that glad.....hes on a probation,he seems to have been "messing"with the thing is sure,Dont mess with Cate,might get nasty....Yup Viv,i think the same thing :) but it sure is nasty for Nick :(

Well,i got to go,dinner time
ill keep you all posted!